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Summer Enrichment Programs

Available for High School Students

As you prepare for college, you can get a taste of what it will be like while you are still in high school. UC offers a number of summer programs which offer you the opportunity to live on campus, think critically about a topic of interest, and get practice for what it will be like when you transition to college

Learn more by talking to your high school counselor!

Getting Involved

Connect, engage, learn and grow by joining a student club, visiting an event on-campus, or looking for an on-campus job. Not only will getting involved increase your satisfaction with high school and college, this is your opportunity to build experiences, leadership strengths and perform tasks that will be attractive to future employers. Getting involved is your opportunity to practice what you are learning in the classroom and start adding to your resume. Involvement will help you identify the type of tasks and job you might enjoy upon graduation.


A strong resume will help showcase your strengths, skills and experiences; you can use a resume for job and internship applications, as well as for applications for scholarships and advanced degrees. It is important to continuously update and edit your resume. You can work with Career Services on and UC campus to build or edit your resume throughout your college experience!

Career Services

Exploring the professional world by connecting with Career Services. Get help writing a resume and practicing your interviewing skills to help you land that perfect job. Learn more by searching for Career Services on the UC website.

Internship/Part-time job

In addition to strong academics, employers will look for real-life experience from you when you seek a career. Internships and part-time jobs are great opportunities to practice your skills and to learn more about potential careers and industries.

Multicultural and Diversity Programs

Celebrate the vibrant diversity and promote an inclusive campus by participating in programs and resources on campus. Learn more about departments, programs and people who facilitate programs by searching for Multicultural Affairs on the UC website.


Love to compete or participate just for fun? UC has a variety of intramural and club sports to choose from. You can also get free tickets to all NCAA Division 1 sporting events.

Create Transportation Plan

It is important to start planning now for your transportation to and from campus. This will become a part of your financial and time management plan when preparing for college. Don't forget that it will take time and money to coordinate your transportation.

Did you know that the University of Cincinnati offers many different options to get you around campus?

Metro Discount

The UC*Metro Program is offered to enrolled UC students to help minimize the cost of transportation when riding Metro buses.

UC Shuttle Service

UC Transportation Services manages multiple shuttle routes throughout the year which provide more than a half-million rides annually for students, faculty, staff, and visitors of the university community.

UC Blue Ash Shuttle Service

UC has 2 free shuttles that run between UC Blue Ash and UC Uptown, Monday–Friday. The shuttle arrives at each campus approximately every 45–90 minutes.


Residence hall communities provide a safe, convenient, and a low-stress environment that encourages students academically, socially, and personally. A student can apply for housing at after they have confirmed their admission. Priority deadline is May 1.

Remember, housing will also become part of your college expenses —be sure to review the cost of on-campus housing vs. off-campus housing, and consider the costs/benefits when making your housing plan. Perhaps the debt accumulated to live on-campus is worth the opportunity to live alone , free of distractions at home. Or, perhaps you can save the financial burden of living on-campus by staying at your home residence. The choice is yours—be sure to weigh all the options to find what is best for you!